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Chartbot Barcodes
How It Works
Chartbot works in a unique manner: it is an EPS file built with Soft Horizons' ActiveEPS™ technology. Text data and commands overprinted on top of the Chartbot EPS graphic are automatically converted into a barcode. No barcode fonts are involved.
Here's how to create a barcode in InDesign.


Start by doing a "Place" of Chartbot Barcode's EPS. The image you see isn't a preview—it's just a low-res "stand-in" for positioning.


Enter formatting commands and data in a text box on top of Chartbot Barcode's EPS. The data will not print, but instead will feed data to the barcode.

Data and formatting commands may be typed in manually, or may be variable-data variables (e.g. Data Merge) — or a mix of the two.



Preview the results by printing the page to PDF, or by printing a test page.



You can change the data or change the formatting instructions. The barcode will be automatically updated each time you print the page.




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