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Frequently Asked Questions







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1. Features
2. Workflow
3. Speed
4. Compatibility

1. Features
1.1. What types of charts does Chartbot make?
Pies, vertical bars, stacked vertical bars, lines, areas--with or without a 3-D effect. Also, very limited horizontal bars.

1.2. What if I need a type of chart you don't have, or need special options?
We can customize Chartbot to your needs. Click for details.

1.3. What size numbers ...can I chart? ...can I print on the legend?
Both can be as small as 0.0000000001, as large as 10,000,000,000

1.4. Can I control how numbers print?
Yes, Chartbot provides very fine-grained control over number formatting -- most numbers can be even be controlled individually. Here are some examples of printing "1234.5" with different formats: "$1,234.50"  "1,234.5 Units"  "$001,234"

1.5. How can I reserve blank space for data columns where data is missing (as opposed to zero)?
For bar and line charts, you can define "place holder" data which will not print but will reserve space.

1.6. Can Chartbot properly color each element when there are varying amounts of data per chart?
There are several choices for automatically coloring data, including: i) Repeating sequences of colors, with optional non-repeating begin and end colors; ii) Auto in-betweening to produce smoothly-stepped colors; iii) Labelled colors which will always show data with a given label in a specific color, such as Cash: green, Stocks: blue, etc...; iv) Negative numbers can be set to show in a special color.

2. Workflow
2.1. Can Chartbot make EPSs or PDFs?
You can make PDFs with Adobe Acrobat Distiller™ and Jaws PDF Creator™. You can Export" pages from InDesign™ CS and onward.

2.2. Can Chartbot charts be reworked or converted to other formats once generated?
Yes, by converting InDesign™ output containing the charts to PDF, then importing into an illustration package.

2.3. Is it easy to reuse chart layouts (designs) from chart to chart?
You can very easily cut and paste a layout from another chart, and you can use InDesign™'s library feature to store layouts.

2.4. Does Chartbot Barcodes work with variable data?
Yes! You can use variables from InDesign's Data Merge and most 3rd-party variable-data systems. Both data and formatting can be variable.

3. Speed
3.1. Just how fast does Chartbot print?
Most charts print at rated printer speed. Adobe PDF Distiller™ converts 200 charts/second on typical systems!

3.2. Do Chartbot charts slow down InDesign™'s "Print Done" time?
Very little. Chartbot does no processing on your computer, so each chart takes negligible time to send to the printer.

4. Compatibility
4.1. What page-layout programs is Chartbot compatible with?
InDesign™ 1.5, all CS versions, Creative Cloud™.

4.2. What computers is Chartbot compatible with?
Any Mac running OSX™. Any computer running Windows™.

4.3. What printers is Chartbot compatible with?
Any PostScript™ Level 2 or 3 printer, or compatible. Sorry, no PostScript Level 1.

4.4. What software converters is Chartbot compatible with?
Ghostscript™, Adobe Acrobat Distiller™ (5 onward) and Jaws PDF Creator™ can all be used to convertInDesign™ output containing Chartbot charts into PDFs or many other formats.

4.5. Can Chartbot generate charts for the web?
Yes, with custom setup. It can even produce dynamic charts on a web server. Please contact Chartbot sales for details.


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