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Chartbot produces charts for professional workflows. Its hard-working features are focused on creating mainstream chart layouts that intelligently handle varying data without rework.
Data Features
  • Zero data points can be automatically eliminated
  • Data with duplicate labels can be automatically merged
  • Chart layouts and/or data can be easily copied between charts or put into a template
Printing Features
  • Charts print fast—at or near rated printer speed
  • Chart's on-computer print processing time is virtually instant
  • Generated PDFs are extremely compact
  • PDF conversion up to 200 charts/second
  • Charts are true vector drawings and are resolution-independent
Drawing Features
All Charts
  • Labels and values are laid out automatically. 11 placement layouts are available
  • Smart placement of labels and values prevents collisions and overlaps
  • Text reformatting of values and labels: every number and label can be reformatted differently
  • Text can be "white cutout" from dark backgrounds
  • Colors of graphic shapes can be preset, taken from a cycling palette, or in-betweened (for color stepping)
  • Negative data's graphic shapes can be automatically painted in a special color
  • Outlines of graphic shapes have variable color, dashing, and width
  • Axis, grid, tics and callout lines have variable layout, color, dashing and width
  • Text sizes and colors are variable
  • 3-D effect is optional. Depth and view-angle are variable
  • True CMYK is supported
  • Spot color is supported
Vertical Bar Charts
  • Chart data scale can be automatic or preset
  • "Placeholders" in data reserve blank columns for missing data
  • Multiple data series can be interleaved, overlapped, or side-by-side
  • Bar widths, spacing and grouping are fully variable
Line Charts, Area Charts
  • Chart data scale can be automatic or preset
  • "Placeholders" in data reserve blank columns for missing data
  • Multiple data series can be overlapped, or side-by-side
  • Datapoint markers (points on line) are available in 21 shapes
  • Each datapoint can have a different marker shape
  • Bottom axis can be non-zero
Pie Charts
  • Callout lines from slices to legend text can automatically be inserted only "if-necessary" for clarity
  • Values print as percentage or units
  • Half or Full pies are available
  • Slices can be exploded or stuck together
  • Adobe InDesign CS and Creative Cloud series
  • Windows or Macintosh
  • For Printing: PostScript Level 2 or 3 printer or compatible ONLY
  • For PDFs: Adobe Acrobat Distiller, Jaws PDF Creator, Ghostscript



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