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Chartbot Charts
Adobe InDesign

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Charts and graphs within InDesign without plugins, VIPP nor any external programs.

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Bar chart
Pie chart
Line graph
Automatic line graph charting
Charting software
Charting package
Business chart
Graphing software
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Requires Adobe InDesign and a PostScript printer or Adobe Acrobat Distiller.

Automatic high-speed charting

The Chartbot family of production software is specifically designed to meet the advanced needs of professional publishing and printing:

High volume
Fast turnaround
Minimum labor cost
No need for checking
Designer visual quality
Frequent data updates
Streamlined workflow
Distinctive layouts
Instant rework
Print speed

Chartbot Barcodes
Variable Data
1D and 2D Barcodes
work with
Data Merge

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Barcodes from fixed or variable data with InDesign — no barcode fonts needed.

Works with most variable-data systems including InDesign's Data Merge feature, DesignMerge, InData and many others. No extra programming or scripting is needed to work with variable data.

Generates 36 barcode types (see full list):

  • 1D barcodes including UPC, Code 128, EAN, and others
  • 2D barcodes including Datamatrix, QR code, PDF 417, and others
  • Postal barcodes including USPS Intelligent Mail (One Code) and postal barcodes for several countries

Supports color separations, overprint, spot color and other features essential to professional workflows.

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UPC EAN Barcode for InDesign
QR Barcode for InDesign
USPS IntelligentMail  Barcode for InDesign
Datamatrix Barcode for InDesign
EAN Barcode for InDesign
Pharmacode Barcode for InDesign
PDF417 Barcode for InDesign
Code128 Code 128  Barcode for InDesign
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Requires Adobe InDesign and a PostScript printer or Adobe Acrobat Distiller.

Why not just use Illustrator or Excel?
Publishers often use charting software such as Adobe Illustrator, Microsoft Excel or maybe DeltaGraph to prepare separate EPS or PDF files when a job calls for graphs or charts, then merge the images into their document. That workflow is fine for small jobs, but is cumbersome or completely unworkable in situations that require high volume, fast turnaround, low production cost, or high reliability. In addition to the extra step and files, Excel and Illustrator charts must be checked and often manually reworked. Also, Excel charts often cause color-matching and other problems with digital presses.

For example, a financial catalog would strain the limits of a traditional workflow.

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