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  Chartbot Barcodes

Barcodes for Data Merge

The only InDesign barcode system that lets you generate barcodes directly from variable-data

  • Use zero, one or more variable data (Data Merge) variables
  • InDesign's Data Merge, DesignMerge, InData, others: works with virtually all variable-data systems
  • Or, manually enter data
  • NO barcode fonts
  • No macros, no scripting
  • 1-step process, all within InDesign
  • Vector quality, crisp and scannable
  • 1D, 2D and postal barcodes, no extra charge
  • CMYK process colors, overprint, separation-compatible, many other essential features for professional workflows
  • $149 one-time

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Variable-Data Barcodes. Chartbot Barcodes is a completely new and different way of generating barcodes that fixes the problems with traditional methods.

Use any combination of zero, one or more variables, with manually-entered text optionally mixed in.

Unlike product-specific barcode modules from variable-data software makers, Chartbot Barcodes generates a full range of barcode types and works with virtually all variable-data systems, including InDesign's built-in Data Merge feature. Even users of product-specific barcode modules can add Chartbot Barcodes to their existing layouts to support new barcode types, process colors, and take advantage of other options.

No barcode fonts. Barcode fonts can be so painful! Chartbot needs no fooling with your data. No need to switch out fonts when resizing barcodes.

No macros, no scripting. Unlike fonts, there's no need to reformat your database, run Excel macros, compute checksums, or do other data processing. For most all barcode types, Chartbot Barcodes automatically takes care of encoding, checksumming and resizing.

1-Step barcode workflow. Barcodes are generated and Placed in a single step. All within InDesign. Even for Data Merge. There's no error-prone need to create barcodes in one step, then Data Merge them as pictures in a second step.

Production features. Overprint. Rich black. Separation compatible. Automatic sizing to fit data. Automatic size tweaking to match printer resolution. Many other pro features.

Wide range of popular barcodes. Chartbot Barcodes generates 20 types of linear (1D) barcodes, 5 matrix (2D) barcodes, and 6 postal barcodes, plus several sub-variants of those popular barcodes.

Print speed all its own. Chartbot Barcodes are pure vector output, so barcodes print at your printer's full rated speed. Even high-volume production printers usually won't slow down for barcodes.

2D matrix barcodes

  • Aztec Code
  • Datamatrix (all encodings, includes GS1-Datamatrix, ECC 200, Semacode)
  • MaxiCode (UPS)
  • PDF 417 (all encodings + automatic)
  • QR Code (includes MicroQR, all encodings + automatic, supports vCard)

1D linear barcodes

  • Code 11
  • Code 128 (A, B, C and automatic encoding)
  • Code 2 of 5 (aka Standard 2of5, Code25, Non-interleaved 2of5)
  • Code 39 (aka 3of9, Barcode/39, LOGMARS)
  • Code 93
  • Codabar Rationalized (aka USD-4, NW-7, 2of7)
  • EAN 8, EAN 13 and EAN 2 (aka GTIN-8)
  • Interleaved 2 of 5 (aka ITF-14, ITF, GTIN-14, EAN-14, DUN14, SCC-14)
  • ISBN, ISBN Addon 2, ISBN Addon 5
  • JAN 13, JAN 8 and JAN 2
  • MSI (aka Pulse Width Modulated)
  • Pharmacode
  • Plessey
  • RSS 14 (aka GS1 DataBar)
  • RSS Expanded
  • RSS Limited
  • UPC-A (aka UPCA, GTIN-12)
  • UPC-E (aka UPCE)

Postal barcodes

  • AusPost (Australian Post)
  • Code 128
  • Datamatrix
  • FIM A, B, C and D (Facing Identification Marks)
  • MaxiCode (UPS)
  • PDF 417
  • USPS IMB (aka Intelligent Mail Barcode, OneCode)
  • USPS POSTNET (obsolete)

Printing features

  • Ink spread control for 1D linear barcodes
  • Print or omit text below barcode
  • Automatic pixel-grid-fitting for low-resolution output
  • CMYK process colors
  • Overprint and rich black
  • RGB colors
  • Separations
  • True vector output
  • PDF compatible, no special license needed

Sizing features

  • Any size barcode - no restrictions
  • Can automatically adjust barcode size to match pixel size of low-resolution output media
  • Manually specify matrix size, or automatically use best size to fit data (Datamatrix, QR)

Encoding and checksums

  • Manual or automatic checksums/digits
  • Built-in data encoding (except Aztec, MaxiCode, RSS Expanded), or use pre-encoded data
  • Manually specify encoding scheme, or let built-in optimizer choose most efficient encoding(s)
  • FNC1 support for applicable barcodes

Data input

  • Variable-data (Data Merge, DesignMerge, InData, etc.) or manual data input.
  • Ascii, binary, escaped, mixed ascii/escaped
  • Selectable escape character (e.g. ~ ^ or others)

FREE Evaluation Version Here

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