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Chartbot Barcodes
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FAQ Revised: Monday 05 October 2020 14:54:50

Table of Contents

1. Features
2. Workflow
3. Speed
4. Compatibility
5. Using Chartbot Barcodes

1. Features

1.1. What types of 2D barcodes does Chartbot Barcodes make?
Aztec Code, Datamatrix, MaxiCode (UPS), PDF 417, QR Code (includes MicroQR)

1.2. What types of 1D barcodes does Chartbot Barcodes make?
Code 11, Code 128, Code 2 of 5, Code 39, Code 93, Codabar Rationalized, EAN 8, EAN 13, EAN 2, Interleaved 2 of 5, ISBN, ISBN Addon 2, ISBN Addon 5, JAN 13, JAN 8 and JAN 2, MSI, Pharmacode, Plessey, RSS 14, RSS Expanded, RSS Limited, UPC A, UPC E

1.3. What types of Postal barcodes does Chartbot Barcodes make?
AusPost (Australian Post), Code 128, Datamatrix, FIM A B C and D (Facing Identification Marks), KIX (Netherlands Post), MaxiCode (UPS), PDF 417, RM4SCC (UK Royal Mail), USPS Intelligent Mail (OneCode), USPS POSTNET

1.4. What if I need a type of barcode you don't have, or need special options?
We can customize Chartbot Barcodes to your needs. Click for details.

1.5. Does Chartbot Barcodes work with International characters?
Most barcodes are not allowed to contain international characters, but there are a very few barcodes (e.g. QR Code, Datamatrix) that can. In those cases, international characters must be provided to Chartbot Barcodes as "escaped" character codes as explained in the user's guide Data Formats section.

2. Workflow

2.1. Can Chartbot make EPSs or PDFs?
You can make PDFs with InDesign's PDF Export feature, or Adobe Acrobat Distiller™ or Ghostscript, You can "Export" pages from InDesign™ CS5.5 and onward and CC.

2.2. Can Chartbot barcodes be reworked or converted to other formats once generated?
Yes, by exporting InDesign™ layouts containing the barcodes to PDF, then importing into an illustration package.

2.3. Is it easy to reuse barcodes layouts (designs) for different barcodes?
You can very easily cut and paste a layout from another barcodes, and you can use or InDesign™'s library feature to store layouts.

2.4. Does Chartbot Barcodes work with variable data, such as InDesign's Data Merge feature, or third-party add-ins such as DesignMerge, InData, and so forth?
Yes! See the Variable Data and Data Merge sections of the user's manual for details.

3. Speed

3.1. How fast is Chartbot Barcodes' Update process that generates barcodes?
5 - 10 barcodes per second on a typical page-design workstation.

3.2. Just how fast does Chartbot Barcodes print?
Most barcodes print at rated printer speed.

3.3. Do Chartbot barcodes slow down InDesign™'s "Print Done" time?
Very little since barcodes are vectors -- not bitmaps.

4. Compatibility

4.1. What page-layout programs is Chartbot Barcodes compatible with?
InDesign™ CS5.5, CS6, CC

4.2. What computers is Chartbot Barcodes compatible with?
Any Mac running OS9™ or OSX™. Any computer running Windows™ 7 and onward.

4.3. What printers is Chartbot Barcodes compatible with?
Any printer that InDesign supports.

4.4. Can Chartbot Barcodes generate barcodes for the web?
Yes, with custom setup. It can even produce dynamic barcodes on a web server. Please contact Chartbot sales for details.

5. Using Chartbot Barcodes

5.1. How can I test the barcodes that Chartbot Barcodes generates?
There are many commercial software and/or hardware systems available. (i) The gold standard is a type of hardware device known as a "barcode verifier." (ii) One free barcode decoder (Windows only) is at (press Download SDK). We strongly recommend that you physically print the test page to paper and scan it to make testing as realistic as possible. (iii) Smartphones are poor test platforms except for very preliminary testing, or if your barcodes will only ever be scanned by smartphones. In the smartphone-only scenario, but sure to test with several different phones, especially low-end ones.

5.2. How can I overprint text on top of a barcode?
Chartbot Barcodes grabs and then hides text that's it's Grouped with. Any un-Grouped text will print as usual.

5.3. How can I use data that may include slashes in it? Iím concerned that the slash will interpreted as a command.
See /EndOfCommands in Command Reference section of the user's guide.


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